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Trip to Paris - Blog of 3ème ISES
The National Edition 2014/2015 of Apprentice Scientist
Visit of the Vice President in charge of International Relations
de l'université Paris 1
Returm on "APPRENTICE SCIENTIST 2013-14"
The final of the "APPRENTICE SCIENTIST 2013-14" in the French International school, 17 January 2014
Graduation of Apprentice Scientist final with the Governor of Pondicherry, January 17, 2014
As part of an educational visit students 3rd SC visited Pondicherry to discover the architecture of the houses
2 nd National Prize of the APPRENTICE SCIENTIST 2013-14, qualifications in several cities in India
The qualifications for the price of scientific apprentice continue, see the articles
On Sunday, October 20, national prices Apprentice Scientist at the French School of Pondicherry.
On October 20, National Mathematics Competition held at the French International School of Pondicherry..
Closing ceremony of the two competitions conducted at the French International School of Pondicherry : scientific apprentice and the national competition mathématiques. Look at the video
The price of the Apprentice Scientist 2013 qualifying began in Kolkata
Find the blog of scientific second with Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1991
Conference of M Alain Doressoundiram, astronomer for students in second..


France's higher education system is not only one of the best

France attract a large number of indian students (from The Telegraph of Calcutta)
Some information about the first promotion on departure:

As expected, the four students in the Scientific Section of the first class are on the left
News of 3rd and 2nd sientific section students on a trip to Paris
The final of the national price of the apprentist scientist took place Friday, January 18th at the French lycée Pondicherry
Meeting between students of Scientific's section and Franco-Indian writers.

2012- 2013

1st National Prize of the APPRENTICE SCIENTIST 2012 – 13
All India

Alasingam a good grader scientific as swimming champion.

Winner of the swimming championships inter-school Tamil Nadu junior level....

3rd SC students discover the architecture of Pondicherry
Visit of Pondicherry's monuments by the students of the third scientific.
The 1st Prize of the Apprendist Scientist -Science Competition at Lycée Français has been a great success
  • - Students of Scientific Section travel to France
    Follow their journey day after day .. January 2011
  • France
  • - Students of Scientific Section travel to France
    Look at the slides of this great experience January 2011
  • France
  • - Students of Scientific Section travel to France
    They visited the Lycee Louis le Grand with the vice principal of the school, met with their counterparts, participated in courses in science and mathematics the 21 of January 2011
  • France
  • -Students travel to France in January 2011,
    photos of departure

  • France
  • Meeting of scientific sections with the Hong Kong's French school in January 12, 2011:

  • Visit the Planetarium in Chennai and the company Thales, december 2010 :

  • Visit of the French Foreign Affairs Minister , Michèle Alliot-Marie to the laboratory of physics and chemistry,
    December 2010:

    excerpt from his speech :
    “The French School in Pondicherry has opened a “section of Excellence” that is unique in the world and, in partnership with the most prestigious of French schools, Lycée Louis le Grand and the National Schools of Engineering, prepares its bright young students, often not French-speaking, to the French Secondary School Examination in Sciences (Baccalauréat Scientifique).”
    Read her full speech
  • labo
  • - Presentation of students from the scientific section to Mrs Alliot-Marie, Minister of State and Minister of Foreign Affairs in December 2010:
  • quizz
  • - Hindu Young World Quiz 2010 (Pondicherry playoffs) novembre 2010 :
  • And the stars of the month are ... Prasoon Rupanagunta and B. Adithya 3rd scientist! They came 3rd in the Hindu Young World Quiz 2010 (playoffs Pondicherry) and returned with a cup as well as numerous awards ... They were encouraged by their comrades of the 3rd European (Aswin Sivapragassam, VicnécheVidjayane Ismail Razack, Sushmitha Panne) and 4th European (Dora Piery Patrick and Sammy). Ms. Francois was the official photographer of the day out of the ordinary. The gifts were numerous and the students came back filled. .... Find the photos of the day ...
  • Visit the architecture of Pondicherry by the students of the 3rd Scientific Excellence in September 2010: